Weekly stalk free pass lotteries

To sign up for the stalk free pass lotteries for the current month, click here.

Each week, usually Thursday evening, a lottery is held for a stalk free pass for that week's Saturday store update.  Stalk free passes allow the winner of the pass to select one product from that week's store update to be reserved in their name to purchase to avoid having to "stalk" the update when the product listings go live on Saturday.  You can sign up for these lotteries by visiting the Woodland Handcrafts Ravelry group or by using the Google form link above.  If you sign up for a particular month, you will be entered for all of the stalk free pass lotteries for that month.  There are a few rules to remember regarding the passes:

  1. The pass can be used for one product listing only.  If a single listing includes multiple items (such as a spindle set or spindle and bowl set) the pass can be used for that listing as well.
  2. You can only win one pass per month.
  3. The pass is only good for the store update for which it is drawn.  If there are no products in the store update that you would like to purchase, you are not required to purchase anything.  However, you must forfeit the pass; it can not be used on a future store update.

Product previews are usually posted to the store the day before the update and can be found using the link at the bottom of the page.  If you win, please message Carl on Ravelry (WoodlandCarl) or email carl@woodlandhandcrafts.com to let us know which product you would like to have reserved for you prior to the store update.  Please note reserved listings are expected to be purchased within 2 weeks.  If this is not possible and you need more time, please let us know or the spindle may be sold to another customer.