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These spinning bowls are a bit under 2" (5.1 cm) in diameter and approximately 3/4" (1.9 cm) tall and have the following features:

  • A relatively shallow spinning surface that accommodates most types of spindles but is deep enough to keep the spindle well centered while spinning
  • No dip (a dip can accentuate wobble in spindles that are not well balanced and preclude the use of some types of spindles)
  • A neoprene non-skid surface on the bottom that is very effective at keeping the bowl in place when used on slick surfaces such as table tops
  • End-grain spinning surface for maximum durability
  • A small size that is very portable

Wood densities for the available woods are as follows.  Denser woods tend to be more durable:

Wood Type Average Density
African blackwood 75
Canarywood 47
Cherry 36
Cocobolo 68
Curly maple 45
East Indian rosewood 53
Figured birch 44
Indian ebony 60
Purpleheart 58
Walnut 40
Yellowheart 54
Zebrawood 46

Metal tipped spindles are not recommended to be used with wooden spinning bowls such as this one as they can damage the spinning surface.  This bowl is compatible with all Woodland Woodworking spindles and most other spindles with wood spinning tips.  

Please note the spinning bowl pictured is made from African blackwood and is not a photo of the bowl you will receive.  The bowl you will receive will be very similar to the bowl pictured in the wood of your choice. 

Please allow up to 6 weeks for your order to be shipped.  If ordered at the same time as a spindle, I will typically wait and ship the spindle and bowl together, and refund the additional shipping charge unless the customer requests otherwise.

*Woods followed by an asterisk cannot be shipped internationally due to CITES restrictions.